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The New City Garden Hotel (Xincheng Huayuan Jiudian) is situated conveniently near the Huning Expressway exit and a number of top Suzhou attractions including Tiger Hill,  Hanshan Temple and the Suzhou Amusement Park.
During their spare time,  guests may take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool,  make full use of the fitness facilities or enjoy drinks with friends at the bar.

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住客评论 5057条评论     4.7分/5分 更多
  • simonwenfeng
    Location is good, newer facilities.
  • Dr Wai
    Warm and friendly at the front desk, front desk small week, facilities good
  • gaoweitj
    Very nice hotel, with tatami mat, a novelty
  • jefe1939
    Good, lived in this area for three days, very comfortable
  • amy-yy
    Nice hotel, used to live. the only unreasonable is the registration where there is no break in the lobby!
  • nanbingyan
    Nice family have lots to eat next to a Starbucks good river views between rooms was clean and bed was very soft nothing special services are basically very good price deal
  • calvin038
    Fang Ling Yu service very good, next time will continue to stay
  • afttop
    More comfortable
  • eryanfei
    Attendant Zhu friendly and delicious in the morning, the room comfortable.
  • george_guo
    Hotel location in Suzhou New District, near from the highway, this time just met Premier Li met, but not convenient for transportation.
  • diffi
    Good breakfast, the service leaves Miss we are satisfied
  • abmax
    General Hotel
  • flying cat
    Suzhou first came to live in the hotel, better than expected, the room facilities are very modern and smart toilet seat heating, independent cleaning room TV and computer integration, remote keyboard control, air conditioning is automatic temperature surf, overall very good!
  • Coventry
    Breakfast for me, except there is no smoke salmon, but I like both. porridge especially rich in species, porridge and purple rice, nutrition porridge and millet gruel. good fried egg master, over easy, is fried a little oil on the plates. Service Manager Xiao Qin was responsible, specifically to ask the restaurant feel.
  • ipine
    Great room-very comfortable
  • fumeng81
    The room, facilities, elegant environment.
    good service It is really a nice hotel Rondo is a good guy and did a good job.
  • e00752477
    Nanjing side felt very good front desk staff are good Yen Miss fan was good the room was big and clean
  • dapenda
    Inexpensive new City Garden Hotel, very clean, room environmental equipment is very good, room attendant Zhu Yinlan warm and thoughtful service, Suzhou stay here next time.
  • joudandan
    Hotel is in the area, traffic a little bit not very convenient, and sanitation are quite nice, and will be considered again, Nice.
  • alitetime
    Very good, next time will stay
  • dearsamon
    Hotel software your hardware will not work, staff cold, breakfast very poor, too far up from five-star standards.
  • celeryelvis
    Hotel rooms are large, spacious and comfortable, very complete facilities and services are in place. dinner is very convenient for shopping around.
  • mxf850602
    Rich buffet dishes, coffee is good, land managers are detail oriented, Wang nice next time
  • eurca
    Go to Jay Chou concert, booked this way is near Stadium Hotel. is the hotel entrance is a little hard to find, rooms very good. in addition, Suzhou is the second floor, it's really good, tasty cheap. especially the stove surface and oil eel absolutely great, be sure to have a taste.
  • eivenmomo
    Come from the Shanghai front desk very nice thank you miss and Miss fan
  • e00097306
    Zhu escort service, room was very good restaurant food also very good the only thing is the evening rounds to meet public Security Bureau for Bao Xin pills hopes the next time a similar situation can inform guests
  • andywmd
    Own car park, the surrounding environment, far from attractions
  • alan62
    Hotel facilities and service, is located in the business centre, convenient
  • xayuji
    Liu favors, people are very kind, point 36 praise?
  • e00072623
    Hotel location is very good, surrounded by the shopping mall snack. nice clean room ... next time will stay in Suzhou.
  • cannabassy
    Wei Fengru aunt service satisfaction
  • sightseeing tour
    Hotel front desk cookie ALAN friendly, high efficiency ... would stay there again.
  • D00881306
    Breakfast very good! many kinds! fruit so fresh! very nice!, Miss CHAN and Miss Liu's great service!
  • gdjiangyong
    Suzhou rooms at this hotel are good for the first time entered the Alan and Miss fan to us for travel are very friendly
  • e00854029
    Long-term to company to travel personnel are staying this hotel, has Wei wash Li is a features. but this this due to staying guest in Shanghai Pudong airport Xia aircraft Shi fell into injured sent hospital rescue and cannot staying, however is has airlines and hospital issued has proved hotel also anyway not willing to returned advances, addition a home Shanghai in the oil Sun big hotel also refused to refund. and also conditions prepaid has room of Dalian xierdun, Dalian Conrad, foreign hotel in received hospital proved Hou immediately withRefunds, so hotel management idea and the basic moral is really 'different in China and abroad.'
  • lassonberg
    Hotel service is good, the rooms are great ... worth the price
  • e04463971
    Come play in Shanghai are satisfied with hotel services Tony handled quickly Miss fan is also good
  • e00160327
    Good, buffet is very rich, Miss Zhu is very good
  • semifeng
    Nice hotel
  • lj68910
    Hotel location is very good, either take a taxi or bus is very convenient, there are a lot of banks, withdraw money conveniently. facility is new, the rooms are very large. breakfast is very rich, Chinese food, Western food, Japanese food has;
  • aliceyangjie
    I stayed at this hotel for half business and half private. I liked Japanese style room very much. Just better to have a little bit bigger size would be perfect.
  • lorna
    Buffets are particularly good, services particularly praised Lu GE the hostess, Manager, next to
  • Fiona_Wong
    Environment is very good, close to convenient, breakfast was great, staff Wang active kind, feeling very warm
  • citic
    Nice is room 2 points is very bad, I am 12 points also said there is no clean finish
  • e01191099
    Changshu, from here over to the hotel's services feel good front desk service is also very good, Miss CHAN and Miss fan is good
  • CatYan
    Wang Feng CHAN-a, front desk very nice cookie!
  • gs0857
    Front desk very good. Miss Chen Miss fan is good
  • Jayvyn
    Nice, the surrounding environment is very good
  • rowena_liu
    Enthusiasm for the services an escort service, especially at the front desk