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The New City Garden Hotel (Xincheng Huayuan Jiudian) is situated conveniently near the Huning Expressway exit and a number of top Suzhou attractions including Tiger Hill,  Hanshan Temple and the Suzhou Amusement Park.
During their spare time,  guests may take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool,  make full use of the fitness facilities or enjoy drinks with friends at the bar.

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  • alitetime
    Very good, next time will stay
  • erosting
    Hotels health and elegant environment, in particular Miss Chen a friendly at the front desk, who is sweet, make me feel very good, 100?!
  • meinv01234567
    To bed satisfied, is the room slightly small.
  • imscyn
    Front desk service, Tony and Miss good service
  • rc203
    Buffets are particularly rich, thoughtful land managers, Chen warmly sweet, five-star service, the next time
  • Of the cappuccino
    Hotel Customer Service Manager Zhang jianqiang smile is very good.
    Very good hotel, knew where she lived, a hotel waiter, and aunts of cleaning are so kind, very comfortable feeling
  • clovermars
    Very good rooms at physical examination. ysia Tchen aunt clean room very clean and comfortable, the service makes us feel at home. Choose this hotel next time.
  • e00901392
    On the hotel front desk services, keung smile is very good
    Very happy with hotel and travel preferred
  • m00136706
    Cookie Wu has an affinity for special services at the front desk is very good!
  • aidid
    Bad review! poor service, check-in super slow security Super fierce! perverted hotels!
  • e01200822
    Hotel is located in shishan road, close to Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, near Hanshan Temple and the huqiu attractions. taxi drivers all know this hotel, from Suzhou railway station to the hotel is about 7 km distance from the attractions of the old city is a bit far. East Wing room facilities of the hotel are quite new, but outside the hotel and related, rooms not very neat, book is a beauty room, bedroom very small, bed is the color pink as a whole, placed in an Air Purifier in the room and steaming apparatus roomBetween devices relatively cramped. bathroom is very big, and a large bathtub, bathtub but health is not very good, if you are using must be carefully cleaned. shower water is very large, relatively spacious shower. Only two bottles of mineral water, mini bar prices are super expensive, a small bottle of water is 28, Le Xuebi will be 20 Yuan, more expensive than the other five-star hotel, rooms at best prepared before drinking water. hotels, 2/f, there is a grand taste noodle, personalSleep, didn't eat, a bowl of noodles is 39. There are places to eat near the hotel. Hotel's services is really General, check-in and check-out is super slow, about 15 minutes to complete the handle, has been waiting for. in November, the hotel room is super hot, and room service call is finished, the waiter explained that central air conditioning, room temperature is such that air conditioning ventilation at all but the sound at all. staying two nights, sleepVery uncomfortable, and the next night and the waitress said this problem still sent adjustable air conditioning temperatures higher. determined to check out in the morning. Breakfast 98 Yuan a person, the second is half-price, but you must check in at the front desk when, say the hotel's breakfast was very average, 9 in the morning to eat, many things are not. not included in the price of the hotel breakfast, price is a little weak.
  • seannancy0802
    Health services are good, service Butler high good.
  • Enty_yu
  • tiangouu
    Japanese style hotels
  • ranyniu
    Improve the hardware facilities of the nearby! ate also very convenient
  • abalone
    To see concert, set has away from Stadium recently of this. environment and service are is good of, is side Shang a article road in repair, navigation to has there find not to entrance, call to Concierge Department asked specific car in of route, phone sound odd poor very, noise big have completely listening to missing received phone of small brother in said what, even playing has three times are such good caught crazy. last also is asked has road talent open in of.
  • Aslan_Aslan
    Nice environment! around not far away there is plenty to eat! Oh, would consider staying again
  • luoyuanting
    Buffet was delicious, the service was put in place, particularly land Manager, Wang! next time! pastry is delicious, children like West point summer master of the children took care of it! thanks and praise!
  • neo2790
    Breakfast very good! like bread! Guo service very friendly!
  • onepotato
    Front desk check-in very quick cookie and Alan broke very congenial will come again!
  • Gavin10
    Have been feeling more comfortable
  • baybridge
    Good cookie service at the front desk
  • guandi
    Nice hotel, good surrounding environment
  • e00078261
    Environment can be, elegant
  • bbmetal
    Buffet food good, service is the highlight, land managers have recommended dishes, Gregory hostess smile sweet and thoughtful service, five-star service satisfaction! pastry is delicious, Japan cuisine is also good!
  • a281jgu
    Hotel service was very good, waiter ysia Tchen services are in place, passion, hotel excellent value, recommend you to Suzhou accommodation preferred
  • LX25025476
    Hotel with tatami room is a highlight, decorated old
  • Allen Tsau
    A good environment, good service, Zhao Xu staff good
  • DP-xmm
    Breakfast variety! fruit fresh, good service especially little Qin and Grimmjow! Lu Manager passion!
  • afu121
    Very satisfied, Zhao Xu very satisfied
  • lassonberg
    Hotel service is good, the rooms are great ... worth the price
  • pavin82
    Hotel of environment also is is clean of live of 19 floor was also has this Chamber next connection of West floor should is than East floor low a grade not know for what design concept parking library into East floor compared trouble Induction card always brush not out to to hotel Hall or II floor for East floor elevator breakfast and self dinner are in West floor a floor East floor also to in II floor for elevator somewhat trouble other are also good no select day type tatami room selected has business standard room added a baby bed Couples both with two a baby are just hotel service special good especially rooms service Wang Mengyuan is patience gift has baby small gift very thanks also has service Butler of letter hotel around environment also good can see Canal but has side in made floor slightly explicit ugly buffet good over has I of expected whole hotel price is high absolute sincerity recommended yihou also will staying hope keep sanitation State and service standard points a praise first last againWordy sentence slipper design funky shoe is very comfortable to wear?
  • alongdong
    Hotel facilities are Japanese-style, very comfortable, very clean, the breakfast is also very good, the surprise is on the second floor there is a restaurant in Suzhou, the taste is very good, enthusiastic waiter small weeks, will be the next to live
  • BigBen
    Lot of stuff for breakfast! fruit fresh! bread delicious! good service, Xiao Qin and Chen service is good!
  • maggie-
    Well, is the restaurant's service and star is not quite a match
  • lwg203307
    Very good! nice hotel hardware, shower surprises, good breakfast, Suzhou focal plane and Japan sushi waiter is also very hard for the hotel reputation. recommend dinner I went to the front desk on the second floor of Suzhou flavour, very good! anyway, hotel good value for money.
  • longfriend
    Nice hotel. and thoughtful facilities. well. is to eat around a little bit inconvenient.
  • davidsor
    Set has tatami room, is big is clean, decoration also is fine, price is high, hotel has free pool, but compared small, depth also only 1.6 meters, night to of when people rarely, also has free gym, worth a mention of is, hotel next of Austrian stove surface is delicious, people also not more, poured head except eel price lower outside, other are price also can, is delicious, two days lunch are eat Austrian stove surface has
  • bluesee
    Room was very satisfactory, love this fan. Zhao Xu services staff is very good, great!
  • atl1982
    Room was very big and clean environment is also very convenient
  • Love-ting
    Breakfast was no more than a few years ago when, the other, the service is good, Xiao Qin and good services.
  • dengyingxiong
    Warm and elegant, excellent value, all aspects are very good ... five stars
  • gilian
    Front desk was satisfied with Miss Zhou Mr and Miss fan is good thanks
  • Angel821127
    The hotel overall is good the front desk staff was not very good
  • scorpion_young2
    Good location Nice staff good service is the key breakfast good
  • miaoyongbo0115
    Staying registration of speed than zhiqian live had of all hotel are slow, chess brand room of management on more chaos has. friends in 5 floor of and type room, night at 2 o'clock also can heard not know where came of sing k voice. night parking of master is mess command, zhiqian arrangements to I of location, somehow to has queue of people, let I stopped to more far of place. only good of is the vigil of security master has, very dutifully, people also is funny
  • ayuanx
    Live so many times, I feel pretty good, will work in the vicinity of or would choose to live here.
  • cm_004
    Hotel is very good, was the third time stay, health environment of the hotel is very good, next time will stay